My personal connection to Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon

I have a weird personal connection to Spider Robinson, a popular Canadian science fiction writer who I’ve never met.

Robinson wrote a series of stories and novels that were popular among science fiction fans, set in a bar named Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon, where extraterrestrials and time travelers frequently drop in. The bar itself sometimes travels in time and space, but its home base is Route 25A on Long Island, New York — specifically Northport or Huntington; I can’t recall which.

My connection is that I grew up a few miles from Callahan’s. I grew up in East Northport, and I used to drive down that particular stretch of road several times a month.

One night I thought I saw a sign for Callahan’s, and I turned the car around to look more closely. I can’t remember now whether I thought at the time that I might find a real bar that the fictional Callahan’s was based on, or whether I might actually find Callahan’s time-traveling saloon. I didn’t find either — the sign was gone. Probably it was never there.

25A is an interesting and beautiful road. It starts nearly at the edge of Manhattan, at the Queens-Midtown Tunnel, runs through the gritty city streets of Queens, to the posh retail outlets of Nassau County’s Miracle Mile and Great Neck, where Jazz Age millionaires kept their mansions, and out to the bucolic countryside, vineyards, and fishing villages of eastern Suffolk County. One day when visiting my Dad, I decided to drive the whole length. That was a very nice trip.

Alan Brown at Joy and Pun-ishment: Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon by Spider Robinson

Spider Robinson on Wikipedia.

New York State Route 25A on Wikipedia

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