A San Diego nonprofit is pushing to create “safe villages” for the homeless

These safe villages would be campgrounds or parking lots with toilets, showers, tents, cottages, pallet homes, and other types of temporary housing. (San Diego Union-Tribune)

Not a substitute for permanent housing, but better than impromptu encampments for both the homeless people and the surrounding communities.

This article needs comment from actual homeless people. Sadly, they are not hard to find

Some thoughts on the California recall election

  • The official party line from the Democrats is vote NO on the recall, then stop. Sign the back and mail it in.
  • That’s the party line from the San Diego Democrats, at least. I suspect it came down from the state.
  • I may deviate from party line and vote for Angelyne in part two because mandatory bubble baths.
  • Because the recall election is a shitshow, we could end up with Newsom getting 49+% of the vote and Elder getting 18% and Elder getting sworn in as governor in October.
  • If you have any elective medical procedures on the to-do list for this year, get ’em done now. Because we could have a Republican governor in October, and a few weeks after that, hospitals will over capacity, canceling elective procedures, and lining up the refrigerated trucks on the street to hold the excess dead bodies.
  • You think that last bit is hyperbole? That’s what’s going on in Texas and Florida, where Republicans are anti-mask and vax mandates because ‘MURRICA.