Magneto: These new ‘magnetic’ vaccine mutants are extremely disappointing — Alexandra Petri at The Washington Post.

I met the people who were saying that metal objects now stuck to them because of their vaccines and gave them a whole recruitment speech about how they were the next stage in evolution, but once I said the word “evolution,” they looked at me doubtfully. Then I asked them to show off their abilities, and — I hate to say this but, have you ever been at a friend’s amateur magic show, where the magic show is not going quite as was hoped, and there’s a lot of saying “hold on” and “wait, hang on” and “sorry” as they fail several times running to identify your card, and then a dead bird falls unprompted out of someone’s hat? Frankly, that would have been an improvement.

“Who is the silly sausage that enabled edits. The internet was a mistake. Excited to announce my new job as editor at the Verge.”

Fastly outage: Verge reported via Google Docs but forgot to make it private –

When a massive Internet outage took down The Verge, and many other sites, the publication set up a public Google Doc to report on the problem. But they mistakenly let anybody edit the doc.

The resulting vandalism was surprisingly good-natured.