A San Diego nonprofit is pushing to create “safe villages” for the homeless

These safe villages would be campgrounds or parking lots with toilets, showers, tents, cottages, pallet homes, and other types of temporary housing. (San Diego Union-Tribune)

Not a substitute for permanent housing, but better than impromptu encampments for both the homeless people and the surrounding communities.

This article needs comment from actual homeless people. Sadly, they are not hard to find

A brief history of Tumblr, which defined the best of Internet culture for a few years and is now a walking anachronism

Tumblr’s CEO quietly stepped down at the end of January, after presiding over several bad decisions—banning porn, and making the site more algorithmic, and therefore less its own character and more like all the other social media platforms.

Kaitlyn Tiffany on The Atlantic:

Tumblr, launched 15 years ago this month, once had a reputation that was as big and confusing as that of Texas or Taylor Swift: It wasn’t just a blogging platform, but a staging ground for an array of political movements, the birthplace of all manner of digital aesthetics, and the site of freaky in-groups, niche conspiracy theories, community meltdowns, and one very famous grave-robbing scandal. At various points during the platform’s reign of online influence—from roughly 2010 to 2015—the phrase Tumblr user served as a proud identity marker, or something like a slur. Today, it’s an archaism.

James Fallows: The filibuster is a perversion of the Constitution

Fallows, on his Breaking the News Substack

1. The filibuster is not in the Constitution.

2. Its modern abuse realizes the founders’ greatest fears.

3. We are living through a super-cynical, stealth version of the filibuster.

4. Let’s at least force its abusers out into the light.

The Founders explicitly required a majority vote in the Senate, not a supermajority. The Founders acted after 13 years under the Articles of Confederation, which required a supermajority, which nearly destroyed the US—just as the US is teetering on the verge of destruction today.

We no longer have even a “talking filibuster,” as in the movie “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” Instead, any Senator can simply and silently force a supermajority vote on any measure—and they routinely do. This is great for the minority party, because it operates from stealth and shadows. The majority party gets all the blame for gridlock and failure, even though it’s the majority party that’s at fault.