Why otherwise sensible people become anti-vaxxers

Johnson & Johnson covered up the fact that its baby powder contained cancer-causing carcinogens.

The company was a main driver of the opiod addiction epidemic, and now its lawyers are successfully fighting legal culpability.

And Johnson & Johnson produces one of the three leading US covid vaccines.

I’m vaccinated. I’m boosted. I support vaccine mandates. But Johnson & Johnson’s behavior is why otherwise sensible people become anti-vaxxers.

We don’t need to restore people’s trust in public institutions. We need to make public institutions trustworthy.

Texas’s terrible abortion law

The political party that screams loudest about individual liberty is quick to deny that liberty when the individual is a woman.

Women should have a right to choose for themselves whether to terminate a pregnancy. Instead, the State of Texas, abetted by the US Supreme Court, believes that right belongs to any rando looking to score a quick $10,000. It is a terrible decision.