The scandal that wasn’t: Republicans deflated as nation shrugs at Hunter Biden revelations

David Smith at The Guardian

Trump and his allies foresaw a ticking timebomb centred on the president’s son – but it has not turned out that way

Republicans backed a President who paid off porn stars, committed serial sexual assault and bragged about it, cheered as a lynch mob stormed the US Capitol, and killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, and now they’re shocked, SHOCKED that Joe Biden still loves his fuckup son.

Caitlyn Jenner Considers Run For California Governor


Caitlyn Jenner has been an Olympic hero, a reality TV personality and a transgender rights activist. Her next step could be candidate for California governor.

She’d be a trans woman running for the anti-trans party and her chief qualification is that she’s a reality TV star just like the guy who killed hundreds of thousands of Americans because of his incompetence and malice so yeah sure run Cait run.

You’re Going Back to the Office. What Happens to Your Nap Habit?

Ray A. Smith at the Wall Street Journal:

When high-school teacher Ryan Tibbens learned he would be resuming in-person school in March, he embarked on a mission. He wanted to continue the naps he’d been taking while working from home over the past year.
“I didn’t want to pull the classic ‘Seinfeld’ episode where George Costanza sleeps under his desk,” said Mr. Tibbens, who is 37 and lives in Berryville, Va. So he bought a cot online and installed it in a backroom at school. He naps there for about 12 minutes during his 30-minute lunch break at least three days a week.

Although he says he got permission from school administrators, he said, “I’m still a little paranoid that somebody’s going to walk in and not know what’s going on, and be like, ‘Who’s this hobo in the back?’ ”

Mr. Tibbens is one of the lucky ones. Many people returning to offices in the coming months face an end to one of the secret perks of working from home: the daily nap. People who say they rarely napped before the pandemic have picked up the habit over the past year….

I nap a couple of times a month, when it feels like I’ll get more done overall if I nap than if I stay at my desk and push through. I have a recliner in the living room that I use only for naps.

I’ve heard of people who work in offices and who go outside and nap in their cars in the parking lot.

He Was Partners With Qanon. Now He Wants Them Arrested

The founder of 8Chan says Jim and Ron Watkins – whom 8Chan founder Fredrick Brennan says authored Q posts – should be charged with impersonating a federal agent. The Daily Beast

Also, this:

“One day at the office, according to Brennan, Jim Watkins screamed ‘at the top of his lungs, essentially, at his Filipino employees that are kind of gathered there that they’re so dumb and that he got this new office for them and these new air conditioners, but they don’t know how to take care of anything… and that he understands why during the Spanish era, the Spanish conquistadors used to cut off the arms of Filipinos to get them to behave and to listen. So you know, obviously there’s extreme racism from the both of them.’”

“I Work in a Bookstore. Why Am I Still Shelving ‘Mein Kampf’?”

Alexa Abdalla at Electric Lit:

When Dr. Seuss Enterprises announced it would no longer be publishing six of Dr. Seuss’s books which have aged problematically, the bookstore I work at in Scranton, Pennsylvania had a flurry of very concerned customers.

People were coming up with stacks of his books along with an unsolicited-by-me explanation for why they were buying in bulk. They had to get them before they no longer could. Sure, it might only be three titles today, none of which they would have considered buying otherwise, some of which they’d never heard of. But what about tomorrow? What happens when we cancel Green Eggs and Ham?

I do understand the worry. A friend of a friend on Facebook shared a post that suggested no good ever came from banning books and it gave me pause. Then again, those six Dr. Seuss books are not even technically banned, at least not by any federal mandate. Dr. Seuss Enterprises decided independently to stop publishing—and profiting from—specific titles which included racist caricatures, and they weren’t even pressured to do so. They simply made a judgment call based on the social climate of our time and did the right thing.

My bookstore doesn’t sell those books anymore. But we do sell Mein Kampf.

Mein Kampf should be preserved for history. But that doesn’t mean it should be sold retail.

The government should not ban it, but bookstores should refuse to carry it. Release it in the public domain and let people download it online, or get it from the library.

Bangsian fantasy

Today I learned that “Bangsian Fantasy” is the name for stories using the afterlife as the main setting, where characters are often famous historical or fictional figures.

Bangsian Fantasy is named for John Kendrick Bangs (1862–1922), who often wrote in the genre. Other examples include the Riverworld series, by Philip Jose Farmer, and the Heroes in Hell books by numerous authors.

Would “Beetlejuice and “Ghost” be considered Bangsian Fantasy? These are stories where the ghosts aren’t scary monsters – or just scary monsters – but rather are characters. I say “definitely yes” to Beetlejuice and “maybe” to “Ghost.” In Beetlejuice there’s a clear sense of a world and society existing for the dead—less so for “Ghost.”