Ephemera Vol. LXXV: “a social club for local assholes”

Cory Doctorow: As stocks tumble, wealthy speculators bid up house prices

Wealthy speculators are driving up house prices, making housing more expensive for everyone.

“The Obama administration’s most consequential decision was to address the Great Financial Crisis by bailing out the finance sector, rather than borrowers. It was an unforced error, directed by Goldman-Sachs bankers elevated to the ranks of finance regulators, and we are still living with its consequences….

“Since the Great Financial Crisis, Wall Street has been hell-bent on acquiring single-family homes, converting them to rental property, gouging on rent, skimping on maintenance, and evicting on the flimsiest pretense.”

Also: “‘Inflation’ is the topic du jour, wielded primarily as a whip to drive us to austerity. Most of the time, ‘inflation’ is code for ‘regular people have too much money and we need to take some of it away’— by reducing benefits and suppressing wages.”

Enough with the harassment: How to deal with anti-vax cults “They don’t even care about the vaccines … This is just a social club for local assholes.”

Daily Notes as an Index to My Life (Jamie Todd Rubin). Good ideas for journaling.

Man sentenced to 6 months in prison for groping flight attendant (NBC News)

A Canadian man was sentenced to six months in prison after groping a flight attendant on a flight from Mexico to Miami. She was distributing snacks, turned her back on him, and he grabbed her ass and thighs.

Holy fuck, NOT being a sexual predator isn’t a high bar to clear. Somebody gives you snacks, just eat the fucking snacks, don’t grope them without their permission. This is not a difficult rule to implement.

Julie went to the orthopedic surgeon yesterday afternoon. He pronounced her foot to be healing up nicely, and removed the pins from her toes, and now she is walking! With some difficulty, but walking!