Ephemera Vol. LXXIII: He certainly seems like a lot of fun

San Jose passes first U.S. law requiring gun owners to get liability insurance and pay annual fee (CBS News)

The San Jose City Council overwhelmingly approved a new law requiring gun owners to carry liability insurance and pay an annual $25 fee that would go toward firearm safety education and training, suicide prevention, and domestic violence and mental health services.

Gunfuckers protested the law because it says right there in the Constitution that they’re allowed to do whatever they want.

Getting a Handle on Links By Treating Them Like Email

Useful tips on dealing with incoming links, from John Voorhees at MacStories: Treat them like email. Also, have a designated app as a link-catcher—John likes GoodLinks, and so do I—but you don’t have to read or view those links in the same app as you catch them in.

I rely on a read-it-later app, but when I put a link in there, it doesn’t mean I intend to read it later. It means that sometime later, I intend to think about whether to read it.

Yet Another Hot Take on “Folders versus Tags” (Eleanor Konik)

The New York Times Is Just Fucking With Us Now (John Gruber /Daring Fireball)

Unique Beatles and John Lennon Items From Julian Lennon’s Collection Up for NFT Auction (Variety)

Julian Lennon plans to auction NFTs of Beatles and John Lennon items, including handwritten notes for Hey Jude, and John Lennon’s coat from “Magical Mystery Tour.” Julian will retain the actual artifacts.

Send me half the money instead, and I’ll send you my complete collection of Beatles collectibles, of which I don’t have any. That’s a 50% savings for the same amount of collectibles!

Redditor searched 15 years for their mother in the backgrounds of photos from the 1969 Woodstock concert, after the mother passed away in 1997. This month, they found her. Left side, yellow dress, sitting barefoot on the ground. Mother was 22, freshly dropped out of Penn State. Via

Invoice for $4,060 for a 9G disk drive in 1994. Buyer was a videographer.