Ephemera Vol. LXXI: Going for that “Florida Man” energy

I’m Not Sorry for My Delay (Joe Pinsker / The Atlantic). Normalize not responding immediately to emails and messages.

The Sublime Beauty of My Friend Bob Saget’s Filthy Comedy (Penn Jillette / The New York Times).

I love a good, filthy joke. Julie has learned that if she hears me burst out laughing like a madman while looking at my iPad, I have stumbled over a meme that a normal person, like her, would find appalling.

Filthy jokes are a specialized taste, like death metal music or BDSM. And, like those things, enjoying filthy, violent, and degrading humor has no bearing on a person’s overall decency.

However, when a person becomes famous, finding filthy jokes in that person’s past social media can be a great way to fill a cable news cycle and generate social media outrage.

Monkey Dump (jwz). “The Secret of Nimh” in real life.

San Diego Man Sues Movie Studio, Claiming He Was Duped into Renting 2019 Film ‘Yesterday’ (Times of San Diego). Going for that “Florida man” energy.

Jon Hamm is great in everything. Even commercials.

When packing for a trip, don’t pack shirts with shirts, pants with pants, etc. Pack outfits together!

All my clothes go with all my other clothes. Makes life easier. Several times a year I think about just buying duplicates of everything and wearing the same thing, every day, like Steve Jobs did.