We stopped watching Doctor Who

Midway through this week’s episode, Julie turned to me and asked, “Are you enjoying this? “ I was not, and we switched it off.

I used to just love that show, beginning with Christopher Eccleston in 2005, through the Matt Smith years. It was whimsical, and wonderful, and weird, and like nothing else I’ve ever seen. Over the years, I have collected half a dozen TARDISes, and Julie even had a very small TARDIS-blue tile installed in my shower, when we were remodeling the bathrooms. I have two Doctor Who T-shirts, and a sonic screwdriver.

But the Peter Capaldi years were uneven, although there were a few great episodes. In the Jodie Whittaker and Chris Chibnal years, there were more bad episodes, and fewer good ones. This current season is just confusing and uninteresting.

Russell Davies is supposedly coming back in about a year and a half or two years. I will give the show another try then.

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