Cory Doctorow: Pro-abortion activists, anti-vaxers, drone delivery crashes, and Facebook’s war on accountability

Pluralistic: The new generation of pro-abortion activists is “militant, organized and unapologetic.”


  • What’s behind the Republican turnabout and support of vaccination? It’s “cooling the mark”—a con artist’s technique for keeping the grift going. “When Ron DeSantis says ‘the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down,’ he’s shifting the blame from his cohort of cynical disinfo peddlers to other marks, and opening space for a mark to go and get vaccinated at last.” Republicans have spent years lying to their supporters, and are now blaming supporters for believing their lies.
  • Amazon’s drone delivery business is imploding, and was never serious to begin with. [T]ech companies promise to deliver impossible things in order to cultivate an air of mystical capability that’s invoked to mask real-world awfulness.” In Amazon’s case, the awfulness is labor abuses, including that its automated warehouse are more dangerous to workers than other warehouses. And “Uber promises self-driving cars to distract us from its exploitative labor practices.” (My $0.02: We saw this with Facebook’s recent metaverse initiative, which I don’t need a crystal ball to predict is not going anywhere.)
  • Facebook is escalating its “war on accountability,” cutting off access to a research application that tracked spread of disinformation on the service.

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