Cory Doctorow: Nobody should support proposals for insurance companies to charge more for the unvaccinated.

Many anti-vaxxers mistrust the healthcare industry—and for good reason. Consider, for example, the free pass the Sacklers got for profiting from the opiod epidemic. The Sacklers made billions of dollars of profit on American death and suffering, Cory notes.

Pluralistic: 04 Aug 2021 – Pluralistic: Daily links from Cory Doctorow:

The fact that so many people won’t get vaccinated literally makes me feel sick – but I don’t think we can solve their distrust by deputizing the corrupt health-care industry to empty their wallets (or, worse, the wallets of the survivors they leave behind).


  • Congress has allocated enough money for rent relief to end the eviction crisis without landlords suffering financially, but states lack resources to distribute the money, leaving 94% unspent.

  • Tech companies control your email archives, family photos, business cloud storage, home security, mobile devices, and media collections–often the same company controls all of that. And they can cut you off on a whim, with no appeal process.