Activision Blizzard employees walk off the job to protest “frat boy” culture of harassment

200 employees at game company Activision Blizzard walked off the job and protested in front of company headquarters to protest a “frat boy” culture of sexual harassment and racism. [Patrick Klepek at]

The state of California sued Activision Blizzard this month, alleging a toxic work environment. [Lauren Kaori Gurley at]:

In the office, women were subject to so-called “cube crawls” during which men at the company got drunk and “crawl[ed]” through office cubicles and harassed women, the complaint alleges. Men played videos games for extended periods of time during work hours, delegating tasks to women, joked about rape, commented on women’s bodies, and groped them, the complaint continues. High-ranking men at the company engaged in blatant sexual harassment without repercussions.


In one instance, the lawsuit alleges that a woman at the company killed herself on a business trip with a supervisor she was having a sexual relationship with. The woman had previously faced harassment from men at the company, including a holiday party before her death, when her male colleagues allegedly passed around a photo of her vagina, according to the complaint.

The company’s workforce is about 20 percent women, and its top leadership is exclusively white and male, according to the lawsuit.

And on and on. Sounds like a terrible place.

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