“The unreasonable effectiveness of just showing up every day”

The unreasonable effectiveness of just showing up every day

Kishore Nallan writes about how he co-created Typesense, a popular open source website search engine:

When I first started working on Typesense six years ago, I set myself a simple rule:

I shall write some code every day before or after work.

That’s it. No deadlines, no quarterly goals, no milestones.

I did not have a choice really — I was about to get married and was already working full-time in a demanding role. As you can imagine, building a search engine from scratch is not a trivial undertaking, so that was my way of not having to deal with additional stress.


If you want to find some modest success and independence by launching your own product, and wished to do so without too much risk, I invite you to try this playbook:

Pick an idea in a large market that will always be in demand and work on a product

By choosing an idea that is not a fad and doing so in a large and preferably growing market, you can afford to take a much slower route. As long as you keep plugging away at the problem, at some point, you will have enough of a product to start charging for it.

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