Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker wants to pass a bill that would make the Internet safe for Nazis.

Mike Masnick at Techdirt: Senator Wicker Introduces Bill To Guarantee The Internet Sucks:

Why does Senator Roger Wicker from Mississippi hate the internet? Wicker, who has a close relationship with big telcos, who have long made it their mission to destroy the open internet, was already a co-sponsor of an awful “Section 230 reform” bill last session, and is back now with what he’s ridiculously calling the “PRO-SPEECH” Act. It stands for “Promoting Rights and Online Speech Protections to Ensure Every Consumer is Heard Act.” But, in reality, it is a blatant (and unconstitutional) attack on free speech….

The end result is that this bill leans into the moderator’s dilemma and creates two types of internet sites: complete garbage dumps of spam/abuse/porn/harassment where no moderation can take place, and Hollywood-backed squeaky clean productions. It wipes out the parts of the internet that most people actually like: the lightly moderated/curated user-generated aspects of social media that enable lots of people to have a voice and to connect with others, without being driven away by spammers, assholes, and abusers….

… under Wicker’s bill, you couldn’t ban the American Nazi Party or its members any more.