Cory Doctorow: The doctrine of dynastic wealth


… America has a different set of laws for the super-rich than for the merely rich, and that these laws are in a wholly different universe from the laws for the rest of us.

It’s another example of America’s unequal justice system – a subject that includes long prison sentences for crack possession and wrist-slaps for powder cocaine, long jail terms created by the cash bail system, and a host of other race- and class-based inequities.

It’s more proof, in other words, that America isn’t a republic where we are all equal before the law, but rather a caste system where inherited privileges determine how the law binds you, how it punishes you and how it protects you.

The first generation of the super-rich earns wealth, but their kids and future generations get it by sheer luck of being born. The young are indoctrinated with the belief that poor folks can’t be trusted with money.