Honest reasons why women don’t want to go back to in-person work — McSweeney’s

Just throwing this out there, because there are a ton of valid feelings and perspectives in the room, but wanted to point out quickly that we have to prevaricate in meetings so we’re not seen as aggressive, but can’t prevaricate too much or we’ll be perceived as weak, and also we can’t spell out our thought process or it’ll be heard as rambling, but we can’t be too terse or we’ll come off as cold, and we need to make sure we’re using considerate language without being condescending, and, um…

As a man, I can relate on the sports and Marvel Cinematic Universe items. I don’t care about sports the least bit, and strain to make smalltalk about it. And while I enjoy Marvel movies and TV shows I don’t enjoy nitpicking about continuity. I started doing that with Star Trek when I was a preteen, continued through Babylon 5 in the 90s and Lost in the 2000s, and somewhere along the way I just got tired of it.

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