America 2026

Biden, the Democrats, and Republicans all seem to be moving along like 1/6 was an ordinary riot, and Trump was on ordinary Republican President, and we can just go back to the way things were under Clinton, Bush, and Obama. That’s delusional and dangerous.

My crystal ball says that the United States is on the cusp of a historical transition. We are not going to be the same country in five years that we are today.

One likely outcome is fragmentation, like the USSR. Probably the resulting nation would continue to be called the United States and would have the surface trappings of the nation we’re accustomed to. But individual regions and states would operate as independent nations. Some of those places will be good places to live — California and New York, in particular, might be better off. Other places would be like Eastern European dictatorships. Not nice at all.

Another likely outcome is the emergence of a powerful President and following to tie things back together. If we’re fortunate, that President will be like Lincoln or the Roosevelts. If we’re less fortunate, that President will be a Hitler or Erdogan.

I foresee an uncomfortably high probability of Civil War 2 on the horizon. Or even World War 3 — but this time, the US is the bad guys.

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