Yesterday, Julie and I went out to dinner, to celebrate both of us achieving full immunity. This was my first time eating inside at a restaurant in 14 months.

Restaurant was limited to 50% capacity, with tables spaced accordingly. No masking while sitting at table, but masking required when walking around in the restaurant. And walking around in the restaurant was discouraged.

First time I drove anywhere with Julie since December.

First time since early March I wore pants that were not cargo pants or sweatpants.

First time I wore a button-down shirt since the spring, when I got in the habit of having a “Zoom shirt” in my office, to throw on for metings with clients and job interviews. I was self-employed then. Now I just wear polo shirts.

The restaurant experience was not great. This was formerly a favorite restaurant of ours. I’ll give them another try in a few months, to see if they’re just having temporary Covid problems.

Overall, however, it was a great night.

Wednesday I’m getting together with a co-worker for coffee. He graciously welcomed me to the company when I joined in June and I made a mental note to get together with him for coffee when it’s time. Now it’s time.

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