23. Elmo’s existential terror

Mark Zuckerberg slathered his face in sunblock to try to avoid being recognized.

He cares about privacy when it’s his privacy.

Mark Zuckerberg Claims He Wore Too Much Sunscreen To Trick The Paparazzi

A salty Snapchat by a Pennsylvania high school cheerleader serves as a springboard for a legal battle before the Supreme Court, where justices weigh whether schools can punish students for speech that occurs off campus.

Kudos for the phrase “salty Snapchat.”

From Snapchat to the Supreme Court: Justices to weigh free speech case of Pennsylvania cheerleader

RIP Michael Collins. He didn’t walk on the Moon, but he orbited it alone, making him, for a brief time, “the loneliest man in history.”

Michael Collins, Apollo 11 astronaut, dies at 90

The founders of trendy collaboration software company Basecamp stirred a lot of criticism when they issued a mandate banning discussions of politics and society at work.

Casey Newton reports that the memo was a response to an internal list of customer names that sounded funny, which had been circulating in the company for 12 years. Many names were America or European in origin, but others were Asian or African.

Basecamp is losing employees over the memo, and critics say that it’s impossible to keep politics out of the workplace — discussions of parenting and public schools, for example, are inherently political. And Basecamp has been a very political company, even lending out its offices to Chicago mayoral candidates.

“There’s always been this kind of unwritten rule at Basecamp that the company basically exists for David and Jason’s enjoyment,” one employee tells Newton. “At the end of the day, they are not interested in seeing things in their work timeline that make them uncomfortable, or distracts them from what they’re interested in. And this is the culmination of that.”

Seems to me that the founders used a chainsaw where a scalpel would have been more appropriate. If the names list was the problem, they should have addressed it directly.

What really happened at Basecamp