I think maybe I got nailed by vaccine side-effects after all

I got my shot Saturday afternoon, and was fine for 36 hours, then two nights of vicious insomnia and a moderate headache last night.

However, I slept 9 hours last night and I’m a daisy this morning.

Could have been vaccine side effects. Could have been coincidental.

I think it may even have been stress from the thought of returning to normal; as I hinted yesterday, I was feeling that. I concluded: Just take it slow. I was mentally planning a long weekend of bacchanalia when I hit full immunity, May 8-9. Now I think we’ll just go out to dinner one night. Maybe brunch or lunch if dinner seems like too much.

And now I’m late for something I was supposed to do yesterday, but which Zombie Insomnia Mitch failed to complete, so I’d best get on that.

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