How Bill Gates Impeded Global Access to Covid Vaccines

Turns out Bill Gates really is a leader of a harmful global Covid plot, but it’s not the one Qanon is nattering about. Alexander Zaitchik reports in-depth for The New Republic:

Gates has cultivated a reputation over two decades as a “wise, beneficent, and prophetic leader.” But he’s guided the failed global response to COVID-19 with an eye toward protecting corporate profits above saving lives — creating artificial vaccine shortages in developing countries by protecting pharma monopolies on vaccine production.

Gates is mismanaging the world’s pandemic response using the same devotion to intellectual property and copyright he adopted as a teen-ager, fighting the open source ethos of computer hobbyists. That attitude helped make Gates the richest man in the world. Now, with Gates’s help, people are dying to protect Big Pharma IP.

Zaitchik writes:

Gates has been tacitly and explicitly defending the legitimacy of knowledge monopolies since his first Gerald Ford–era missives against open-source software hobbyists. He was on the side of these monopolies during the miserable depths of the 1990s African AIDS crisis. He’s still there today, defending the status quo and running effective interference for those profiting by the billions from their control of Covid-19 vaccines….

“If you said to an ordinary person, ‘We’re in a pandemic. Let’s figure out everyone who can make vaccines and give them everything they need to get online as fast as possible,’ it would be a no-brainer,” says James Love, [founder and director of Knowledge Ecology International, a Washington, D.C.–based group that studies federal policy and the pharmaceutical industry]. “But Gates won’t go there. Neither will the people dependent on his funding. He has immense power. He can get you fired from a U.N. job. He knows that if you want to work in global public health, you’d better not make an enemy of the Gates Foundation by questioning its positions on I.P. and monopolies. And there are a lot of advantages to being on his team. It’s a sweet, comfortable ride for a lot of people.”