Newsom recall is a revolt of red-state California

Mark Z. Barabak at the LA Times:

The greatest support for the recall, based on the percentage of voters who signed qualifying petitions, has come from the most conservative quarters of California. More than 15% of registered voters in sparsely populated Amador, Glenn, Calaveras, Siskiyou and Tuolumne counties signed qualifying petitions, according to numbers crunched by the San Francisco Chronicle. That’s State of Jefferson territory.

By contrast, just 3% of registered voters in crowded Los Angeles County signed a recall petition. The figure was 2% in two other major population centers, Alameda and Santa Clara counties, and less than that in San Francisco. Of the state’s 10 most populous counties, the percentage of registered voters backing the recall hit double digits in just two, Fresno and Riverside.

But the anti-recall faction shouldn’t get complacent. The Gray Davis recall was unpopular at first too.

I do think a lot of the 2003 recall’s momentum was driven by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s personal popularity.