You’re Going Back to the Office. What Happens to Your Nap Habit?

Ray A. Smith at the Wall Street Journal:

When high-school teacher Ryan Tibbens learned he would be resuming in-person school in March, he embarked on a mission. He wanted to continue the naps he’d been taking while working from home over the past year.
“I didn’t want to pull the classic ‘Seinfeld’ episode where George Costanza sleeps under his desk,” said Mr. Tibbens, who is 37 and lives in Berryville, Va. So he bought a cot online and installed it in a backroom at school. He naps there for about 12 minutes during his 30-minute lunch break at least three days a week.

Although he says he got permission from school administrators, he said, “I’m still a little paranoid that somebody’s going to walk in and not know what’s going on, and be like, ‘Who’s this hobo in the back?’ ”

Mr. Tibbens is one of the lucky ones. Many people returning to offices in the coming months face an end to one of the secret perks of working from home: the daily nap. People who say they rarely napped before the pandemic have picked up the habit over the past year….

I nap a couple of times a month, when it feels like I’ll get more done overall if I nap than if I stay at my desk and push through. I have a recliner in the living room that I use only for naps.

I’ve heard of people who work in offices and who go outside and nap in their cars in the parking lot.