Ooga chokka – ephemera 9

“Christian seders” are apparently a thing now

My reaction is an eyeroll, rather than outrage.

The Christian seder includes challah braided into a cross. That’s a big nope. Not eating leavened bread for the eight days of Passover is a big deal.

If you’re not Jewish, or a guest of Jews, and you’re eating bread, it’s not a seder. It’s just …. dinner.

This Baltimore house was designed with an appreciation for Death and also the Oakland Raiders.

The Realtor will not comment on whether the owner is a vampire. (That means the owner is definitely a vampire.)

David Lynch’s ‘Dune’ Is a Beautiful Sci-fi Disaster

Jill Krajewski at Vulture: David Lynch’s Dune is often ridiculous, boring, campy, and preachy, but it has flashes of Lynch brilliance that make it worth watching. “Even with all its disasters … Lynch’s 1984 journey to Dune remains an absorbing and enlightening spectacle of potential.”

Lynch’s Dune appeals to Lynch fans but not Dune fans.

Ooga chokka ooga ooga!

Meanwhile, over Boston

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