Georgia’s Jim Crow strategy – internet things that bring me joy – ephemera 6

Georgia’s Jim Crow strategy: Undermine public trust in elections by spreading lies. Then claim that lost public trust is a reason to pass laws disenfranchising Black and brown voters.

Republican states nationwide are following this loathsome playbook, because they know they can’t win fair elections and the only way they can stay in power is by overthrowing legitimate elections by any means necessary.

Six cowardly White men huddled behind a locked door literally underneath a painting of a slave plantation and deprived Georgians of their democratic rights.

What kind of sick fuck forces people to wait in line for hours to execute their duty as Americans, and then makes it illegal to bring those people water and snacks?

The GOP is the party of fear. They’re afraid of water and snacks.

Seth Godin: “NFTs are a dangerous trap.

“Like most traps, they’re mysterious and then appealing and then it’s too late….

“Buyers of NFTs may be blind to the fact that there’s no limit on the supply. In the case of baseball cards, there are only so many rookies a year. In the case of art, there’s a limited number of famous paintings and a limited amount of shelf space at Sotheby’s. NFTs are going to be more like Kindle books and YouTube videos. The vast majority are going to have ten views, not a billion. It’s an unregulated, non-transparent hustle with ‘bubble’ written all over it.

“The rest of us are going to pay for NFTs for a very long time. They use an astonishing amount of electricity to create and trade. Together, they are already using more than is consumed by some states in the US.”

Biden’s genius is focus. He does “not allow outside events to take his eye off the make-or-break imperatives of virus eradication and economic growth…. “

He delegated border control to Kamala Harris, and is kicking gun control and the filibuster down the road. Says Biden: “[S]uccessful presidents — better than me — have been successful, in large part, because they know how to time what they’re doing — order it, decide and prioritize what needs to be done.”

Linktree scored a $45 million B funding round

$45M for a B funding round for a company whose sole value is providing a workaround that lets you put multiple links in your Instagram bio.

That’s not as crazy as NFTs, but it’s up there.

Steve Jobs turned down funding for Dropbox, saying that company wasn’t a business, it was a feature. Linktree isn’t even a feature; it’s just a workaround.

What does it mean to buy a GIF?

Jack Rusher: NFTs have precedent in the art world: Signed editions. “ … a good quality print of an Ansel Adams landscape can be purchased for around $20, while a signed and numbered print of the same scene sells for as much as $720,000 at auction. …. all but $20 of the purchase price was the cost of owning Ansel Adam’s signature in that particular context.“ Another, similar product: Celebrity autographs. An edition of John Lennon’s last album, “Double Fantasy,” signed the day he died, sold for $900,000 in 2010; it’s the most expensive celebrity auction to date…..

“Photographic prints can be reproduced in unlimited quantities, but artists’ signatures cannot. This led to a situation where the market for art split in two, one fork for collectors and one for those only interested in the work as an experience. ”

Minnesota court rules it’s OK to rape drunk women so long as they got drunk by their own choice.


She wasn’t just drunk—she was unconscious.

An enjoyable-to-read appreciation of voice texting, by Rachel Syme at The New Yorker.

I try voice texting every few months. After reading this article, I will likely try it again. It doesn’t stick.

Syme’ s Twitter is delightful

Please enjoy this brief video of lizards that are not content with their leafy food and steal their turtle friend’s jellybeans.

A recent team meeting of the crew of the ship stuck in the Suez Canal.

Beaver successfully maneuvers excessively large stick.

This trailer for “Suicide Squad” brings me joy. I watched it three times Saturday.

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