Facebook says only Facebook should be trusted to rebuild the house Facebook carelessly burned down – tree is a chonker – ephemera #3

Cory Doctorow: Facebook is a toxic bed of hate speech and lies and so it wants to pass a law requiring online services to be more like Facebook. “This is such a shameless piece of self-serving bullshit, it should be comic.”


A Cargo Ship Drew a Giant Dick Pic in the Ocean Then Got Stuck in the Suez Canal This is apparently a real thing that actually happened.


The Suez Canal carries 10% of world trade; it’s one of the world’s busiest waterways.

I don’t know what kind of day you’re having at work, but it’s better than the one the captain of this ship is having.

“NASA’s experimental Martian helicopter holds a small swatch of fabric from the 1903 Wright Flyer.” Also: Fragments of Flyer wood and fabric flew to the moon with Neil Armstrong in 1969, and accompanied John Glenn into orbit on the space shuttle in 1998.


A month after narrowly defeating a union drive at Medium, the company is offering journalist employees the exit. Founder Ev Williams says publishing publications doesn’t make sense–it’s better to promote individual journalists.


That’s Substack’s business model as well.

This is the second time Medium has disbanded a publishing arm after spinning one up.

No one should ever publish on Medium. The platform has zero consistency in its strategy; it cannot be relied on.

Orson Welles explaining to journalists that he had not intended to cause panic with his ‘War of the Worlds’ broadcast. 1938.


🔥 Coyote pups learning to howl


From the comments: Either that or they just stepped on Legos at the same time.

Ladies in a hair salon. c1970


Patrick Swayze & his wife, Lisa, who met as dance students and married in 1975


Pix that make you go hmmmmm.

6,000-year-old baobab tree in Tanzania

Tree is a chonker.

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