Immigrants are back in cages – Mark Twain’s tragic personal life – and other ephemera

I suddenly remembered a science fiction story called “The Moon Moth,” by Jack Vance. It’s a mystery in a society where everybody wears masks all the time when they’re out in public. Showing your naked face is obscene.

Weeks away from the end of the pandemic and I finally found a kind of mask I like.

Trump and Cuomo both use bluster and bullying to cover incompetence. Cuomo pitched himself as the anti-Trump. But they’re basically the same. [Elizabeth Spiers / The Washington Post]

“Alexi McCammond was fired because Conde Nast can’t fire Anna Wintour.” Great insight from Elizabeth Spiers

McCammond wasn’t canceled as editor-in-chief of Teen Vogue solely because of her racist tweets, sent when she was a teen-ager herself. She was canceled because she has no managerial experience, no experience editing, and no fashion experience.

The racist tweets were just Conde Nast’s excuse for rescinding an offer while saving face.

This is not to say that McCammond shouldn’t get a great job. Just that she shouldn’t have *this* job.

Also, we should not be required to pay forever for teen-age mistakes.

But you don’t get to completely hit the reset button when you’re still well shy of 30, and you’re going to work for a teen publication.

Immigrant children are back in cages. The trump legacy continues

Evidence in the Capitol attack most likely supports sedition charges, and prosecutors are investigating whether Trump is criminally culpable, says a former prosecutor who headed the investigation until recently.


Los Angeles Greyhound Bus Terminal (1969)

Six-year-old girls watching ‘Winky Dink & You’ use the “Magic Drawing Screen” (sheet of vinyl plastic stuck to the set). The first interactive TV show? (1950)s Via

How to be an ally: What you can do as a bystander to race-based harassment or violence

Mark Twain had a tragic personal life and a strained relationship with his daughter Clara, who died in San Diego, at age 88. Interesting literary and theater history, with a local angle.

Twain adored his family, but he outlived his wife and three of his four children. Clara was his least favorite; they had a strained relationship—perhaps in part because he was a superstar (to use today’s language) and was the inevitable center of attention wherever he went.

The writer was born Samuel Langhorne Clemens; “Mark Twain” was a pseudonym and a persona he created. Clemens performed that role for 47 years.

The actor Hal Holbrook also performed as Mark Twain, in a one-man show that spanned 63 years.

Holbrook played that role a decade and a half longer than Twain did himself.

Holbrook met Clara in 1959, and told the story much later to writer Thomas Larson.

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