Dining in the dark – A guide to British food – and more links and found media for Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Blackout dining restaurant to launch in San Diego in May. Pam Kragen / San Diego Union-Tribune – Dining in the Dark is a new San Diego food experience launching in May at an undisclosed restaurant, where blindfolded patrons eat in a darkened room.

Des Moines Register reporter found not guilty over BLM protest arrest. Linh Ta / Axios – Sahouri identified herself as press to Officer Luke Wilson. “That’s not what I asked,” he said, and grabbed her and pepper-sprayed her.

And *she* was the one charged?


22 year old Elizabeth L. Remba Gardner, of Rockford, Illinois, Class 43-W-6 WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilot) at the controls of a Martin B-26 ‘Marauder’ medium bomber. Harlingen Army Air Field, Texas, 1943.

American Airlines, 1971.

Ducks get violent with a bowl of lettuce.
Ducks do not savor food slowly.

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