The people you envy – No grapes, no nuts – and other links and found media – Monday, March 8, 2021

The people you envy can teach you about yourself [Idea Journal Weekly 3] – Author and lecturer Susan Cain was a corporate lawyer. When she met up with other lawyers, they talked about how they were jealous of others’ success–arguing cases before the Supreme Court, for example. She did not feel that envy, and at first congratulated herself for her generosity of spirit. But then she realized she just didn’t care about success as a lawyer. She was envious of people who wrote and lectured about things that matter. And now that’s what she does. She says, “It’s the things you envy that point you in the direction of what you really want for yourself.”

A pastor in Missouri is in professional counseling after he gave an appalling sermon saying women have a duty to look hot for their husbands. [] – “Now look, I’m not saying that every woman can be the epic trophy wife of all time like Melania Trump,” Pastor Stwart-Allen Clark said. “Most women can’t be trophy wives…but maybe a participation trophy.” Watch..

Kalinda Vazquez, who was literally named for a Star Trek character, will write the script for the next Star Trek movie. [Mike Fleming Jr. /]

Upcoming CDC guidelines for fully vaccinated people will prescribe baby-steps to normality. [Jen Christensen / CNN]

No Grapes, No Nuts, No Market Share: A Venerable Cereal Faces Crunchtime Barry Newman / The Wall Street Journal – “It’s strong and stern, the father figure of cereals.” A delightful 2009 history and feature on Grape Nuts, then undergoing a crisis of declining popularity, by the king of Wall Street Journal feature cover stories.

What the Media Are Missing About Joe Manchin [Christopher Regan / The Atlantic] – Manchin succeeds by giving the West Virginia electorate what they want, even as the state has swung from solid Democrat to Republican during his career, says the former vice-chair of the Virginia Democratic Party.

Breakfast Cereal’s Last Gasp [Tiffanie Wen] – Better-informed consumers are ditching the bowls of sugar that were once a triumph of 20th-century marketing. Very nice 2015 article. I’m guessing the pandemic may have brought breakfast cereal back.

‘Breakfast Food’ Is a Lie [Amanda Mull / The Atlantic] Americans eat a narrower variety of foods for breakfast than anyone else. It doesn’t have to be this way.

There’s No Real Reason to Eat 3 Meals a Day: [Amanda Mull / The Atlantic]

Unsafe Deposits: Wall Slots Drop Used Razor Blades into Interstitial Voids [Kurt Kohlstedt / 99% Invisible] – Midcentury homebuilders put small, convenient slots in bathroom walls to safely dispose of used razor blades, which then piled up behind the walls in an unsafe manner. That’s pretty much America in the 20th Century right there.

Wild sheep with 70 pounds of tangled, filthy wool gets shorn, seems quite satisfied with the outcome.

Now…Kraft Cheese-Spreads in new Swankyswig glasses! [1939]

Unusual things that are normal in Japan

Calvin’s Dad is the unsung hero of Calvin & Hobbes. via

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