More about why I decided to add #BLM, #StopAsianHate and he/his/him to my social profiles. Finally.

It’s not about making a statement for myself (although obviously it DOES make a statement about me). It’s about being part of a sea of support that people in threatened groups can see when they look around.

As I said elsewhere on the Internet: I thought about those stories I heard about the people of Denmark during the Holocaust, and how everyone in the country, including the King, wore the yellow armband with the Star of David, to show suport for their Jewish neighbors. And how it must have been terrifying to be a Jewish person anywhere in Europe in the 1930s, but less scary in Denmark, where a Jew could walk around and see their neighbors–and even the King–welcomed them, and were willing to be SEEN as welcoming them.

I was reluctant to do it until now because I did not want to be seen as engaging in groupthink. But then I realized it’s not about me.

I admit there’s a selfish benefit too: A friend who’s a little bit older than me is working in an organization with a lot of millennials. The pronouns help that person be seen as more of a peer by them.

I’m not using the hashtags on LinkedIn. For now at least that’s a politics-free, meme-free, G-Rated zone for me.

As for the story about Danish people: It’s apocryphal, but the reality is inspiring. The Germans never gave the order, at least not in Denmark, but the Danes did provide spirited resistance to the Germans, and protected their Jewish neighbors.

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