The batman and the bridge-builder, 8,000-calorie peanut-butter sandwich, and more links and found media for Tuesday March 2, 2021

The batman and the bridge builder – Bat scientist Merlin Tuttle has made it his life’s work to rehabilitate bats’ bad reputation. [99% Invisible]

It’s worked for me. I love bats. They’re sky puppies.

Jackson, Mississippi, residents remain without water for more than 2 weeks after storm [Caitlin O’Kane / CBS] – “How is it that the people of a state’s capital city in the richest nation on earth have been without running water for two weeks now? … Jackson is 88% Black.”

All peanut butter, all the time: Reese’s peanut butter cups without chocolate arriving in April [Brett Molina / USAToday] – Reese’s is releasing chocolate-less peanut butter cups that are peanut butter on the inside AND outside. ‘Murica!

This video of a cat walking slowly on loose sand is hypnotic. When walking, cats put their hind feet in their front footsteps, to minimize noise and reduce visible tracks.




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