Fantastical alternatives

For years, I was a happy user of Fantastical, a calendar app for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Then last week I had to give it up, because of a change to a calendaring service that’s essential to me.

Here are some alternatives I’ve found:

  • For one-click to Zoom meetings, Meeter, which is available as part of a SetApp subscription.
  • Fantastical provides a menubar dropdown view of my calendar, which is very nice to have for quick peeks at the calendar. I can get similar results from iStat Menus. I activate the dropdown using Ctrl-Opt-Spacebar, same as I used for Fantastical.

Other than that, I’m fine with Apple Calendar.

One of the signature features of Fantastical is its ability to set appointments using natural language. Apple’s native Calendar app got that capability a couple of years ago, and it works about as well as Fantastical’s does. I never found the natural language recognition in Fantastical all that reliable anyway.

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