San Diego strip clubs reopen, web conversations with the year 2000, and more links for Friday, 12/18/20

Court ruling reignites debate around whether San Diego’s restaurants are COVID-19 hotspots [Jonathan Wosen/The San Diego Union Tribune] – Classic bad headline here. The “debate” is between restaurant owners who are at best In denial about the threat, and doctors who want to save lives.

Editorial: San Diego judge’s decision opening up restaurants in strip club case must be quickly overturned [The San Diego Union-Tribune] – “There is vast agreement among public health authorities that spending time indoors in a room with strangers — whether at a grocery store, a gym, a strip club or a restaurant — is a surefire way to spread the virus. Spending time at a restaurant [or] drinking indoors is an invitation to disaster.”

✨ First Tweets ✨ – The first ever tweets in history. It got more interesting later.

Web Conversations With the Year 2000 – A conversation between a person from 2000 and his 2020 self about the state of the Web. “God I bet blogs are amazing now. “

Steve Wozniak’s hand-drawn schematics for the prototype Apple II computer, along with other historic documents from the founding of Apple, sell for $630K at auction. [Julii Clover/MacRumors]

Hey, Hey, I Saved the World Today[Dave Pell/NextDraft] – Scientists are the big damn heroes of 2020, bringing a Covid vaccine and treatments to the world in record time. Many are immigrants to the US, and the work was accomplished with international cooperation.