Drop kicked, social networking 2.0, and other links for Thursday, 12/17/20

Judge Rules Strip Clubs May Remain Open; Order May Include Restaurants [Elizabeth Ireland/Times of San Diego] – Dafuq?

Drop Kicked [Dave Pell/NextDraft] – Tax cuts for the wealthy don’t “trickle down” to the rest of us, according to a study of 18 developed countries over the last 50 years. Meanwhile, here in 2020, the pandemic is widening gaps – many are sinking into poverty, while others are feeling little pain or even flourishing.

‘Like a Hand Grasping’: Trump Appointees Describe the Crushing of the C.D.C. [Noah Weiland/The New York Times] – The CDC was once a jewel in America’s crown. Trump and the Republicans turned it to shit.

‘We want them infected’: Trump appointee demanded ‘herd immunity’ strategy, emails reveal – POLITICO [Dan Diamond/Politico] – A top Trump health official was literally advocating spreading COVID-19 faster and suppressing information that might hurt Trump politically.

The pro-life party.

AOC: Pelosi Needs to Go, but There’s Nobody to Replace Her Yet [Aida Chavez/The Intercept] – Yup. It’s not just Pelosi though. The national Democratic Party has done a terrible job working for the American people. They only look good in comparison to Republicans.

Social Networking 2.0 [Ben Thompson/Stratechery] – Facebook and Twitter represent v1 of social networking, a bad copy of the analog world, whereas v2 is something unique to digital and a lot more promising

Thompson nails it.

I Suppose a Roman à Clef About a Design-Obsessed California Computer Maker With a Charismatic but Mercurial Founder Whose Youthful Arrogance Leads to His Ignominious Ouster and Exile, Only to Return a Decade Later to Not Only Save the Company From Seemingly Certain Ruin but Lead Them to Theretofore Unimaginable Triumph and Renown, Is Off the Table Too [John Gruber/Daring Fireball] – “”You missed the boat if you watch Mad Men and come away thinking the 1960s ad industry was a healthy place filled with good people, or if The Sopranos leaves you with a favorable impression of New Jersey trash disposal companies.”

Coffee is Being Widely Used as a COVID-19 Diagnostic ToolDaily Coffee News by Roast Magazine [Daily Coffee News] – “Mask up and smell the coffee!”

Substack launches an RSS reader to organize all your newsletter subscriptions [Jacob Kastrenakes/The Verge] – Interesting. I’ve been transitioning to receiving newsletters as RSS over the past few months. I use https://kill-the-newsletter.com, and pipe the resulting feeds to Inoreader.

Inoreader has its own built-in newsletter reader, but I find it unusable.