Defending Comic Sans. Hey, Rube! & more links for Wednesday, 12/2/20

Hating Comic Sans Is Ableist [Lauren Hudgins/The Establishment] – Quit the Comic Sans hate. The font is extremely readable for people with dyslexia.

Not just dyslexics. When I encounter Comic Sans as a body font nowadays, I often find it readable and easy on the eyes.

Where did the word ‘Taser’ come from? A century-old racist science fiction novel – “Tom Swift and His Electric Rifle,” published in 1911. [Jamiles Lartey/The Guardian] (Thanks, Cory!)

Hey, Rube! Interview with a late 1800s circus worker [Mark Frauenfelder/The Magnet]

Neural network software called GPT-3 has learned to write, blog, argue, tweet, and write computer code. But researchers worry that it’s racist, sexist, and could be used to generate fake news factories. [Cade Metz/NYT]

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