Barr abandons sinking Trumptanic & the poison we pick – links for Tuesday, 12/1/20

Barr: No evidence of fraud that’d change election outcome [AP] – Barr is the latest rat to abandon the Trumptanic, and McConnell looks like he’s headed for the lifeboats.

Dr. Fauci says fans should be able to return to the stands for sporting events by late summer. [ Mike Rosenstein/]

I, personally, don’t care about sports. But this is a proxy for things I do care about, like visiting friends and family, getting out into the community with people, traveling, and going to restaurants.

I don’t know whether to be encouraged to have an end to put on the calendar – even though it’s just penciled on to the calendar – or discouraged that it’s so far away.

Either way: I guess no Comic-Con 2021. It’s a small thing, but it’s a marker of my personal year.

The poison we pick [NYMag] – Andrew Sullivan on the opioid epidemic in America. The West has a centuries long love affair with opiods; previous incarnations include opium, laudunum, morphine, and heroin. But it’s now an American epidemic, fueled by the new generation of drugs, our dysfunctional healthcare system, innovations in criminal business models, and alienation from modern society.

This excellent article appeared in 2018, and dates itself with this passage:

And so we wait to see what amount of death will be tolerable in America as the price of retaining prohibition. Is it 100,000 deaths a year? More? At what point does a medical emergency actually provoke a government response that takes mass death seriously? Imagine a terror attack that killed over 40,000 people. Imagine a new virus that threatened to kill 52,000 Americans this year. Wouldn’t any government make it the top priority before any other?

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