Judge orders emergency halt on immigration arrests at San Diego federal court

Kristina Davis at the San Diego Union-Tribune:

A judge has issued an emergency restraining order that prohibits the Trump administration from making civil immigration arrests at the San Diego federal courthouse, saying the widespread practice “invades the decorum and dignity of the court” and violates common-law principles dating back to the 15th century….

For the past couple years, Border Patrol agents have sat in the back of the courtrooms during these criminal proceedings.

Then, once the criminal case closes — no matter the outcome — the agents would arrest the migrant on a civil immigration violation, handcuffing the person in the courtroom, in the hallways or outside the front entrance.

The migrant would then be transported to immigration detention to face possible deportation.

Another cruel policy brought to you by America’s First Bully, Donald Trump.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner