John Hodgman talks about losing his celebrity status after the Apple “I’m a Mac” commercials and Daily Show went off the air. (YouTube)

I’ve lost status myself – I was an influential journalist in my field, and became less and less influential and now I’m just a marketing guy. And yet I’m happier now than I was then.

Back in the day, I only had the tiniest crumb of status, and was starved for more. Now I’m trying to be a useful and happy version of myself.

Hodgman has a book about his experience as an ex-bigtime celebrity: “Medallion Status.” I think I’ll read that.

Even with his low status, Hodgman gets interviewed on PBS NewsHour, and that’s a bazillion times higher status than I ever was. Although I did once appear on Fox Business News – they sent a car service to pick me up!

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner