The story behind Markdown

By @maguay on Capiche

It all started when Charlie Brown let out a *sigh* at the state of things.

Good grief, he’d say when the going got tough. But words alone couldn’t express the full human experience. So Charles Schulz reached for the asterisk, wrapping it around things that weren’t quite words, things like whew, ahem, and sniff.

Decades later, we’d call that Markdown, use it to format text without clicking buttons, to write for the web without HTML. Schulz sketched the perfect antidote for our typing times.

Markdown developed as an easy way to write for the Web. It evolved from comic strip lettering and the simplified formatting used in email until the 90s.

I do most of my writing in Markdown. It’s just easier, if you’re writing for the web, which is what I do.

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