I'm back to micro.blog

I went back to WordPress for a couple of weeks but now I’ve returned to micro.blog for hosting mitchwagner.blog. WordPress has too many ecommerce tools, which I’m not interested in, cluttering up the interface. And the Gutenberg block editor is painful to use. Posting to micro.blog is as easy as tweeting.

The reason I went to WordPress was for embedding media types and scheduling. Turns out I don’t use much embedding, because it screws up my RSS feeds, newsletter, and Tumblr. And I don’t actually care about scheduling either.

Nobody reading this blog will see much in the way of changes. The mitchwagner.blog URL points to wherever the blog lives at the moment, as does the daily newsletter feed, and Tumblr. The design will be different but I seem to change that regularly anyway. RSS subscribers may lose out – I can’t think of anything to do about that.

The blog has very few readers anyway. Most of the activity happens on Facebook, to my regret, with some on Twitter.

I am a little concerned about the longevity of micro.blog as a platform. @manton seems like a fine fellow but he’s only one guy, whereas WordPress has been around for 15+ years – forever in internet time.

However, if longevity becomes a problem, I’ll deal with it then. There are no perfect solutions.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner