This election should not have been close

Donald Trump is by far the worst President America has ever had. This election should have been a cakewalk for the Democrats, but it’s a nailbiter because the national party is utterly incompetent.

I’m relatively happy with the state of San Diego and California, and the Democratic Party here. I’m on the board of the La Mesa-Foothills Democratic Club. But if the national party can’t score a decisive win in an election against an ambulatory clown-shoe and the party that supports him, then what is the national party for?

Ian Welsh: Why Is The Election So Close?

Donald Trump is clearly mentally defective, and he fumbled Covid-19, the result of which was to kill over 200K Americans and throw millions into poverty.

In other words, like 2016, this was an election Democrats should have won easily.

Trump out-campaigned Biden (ten rallies in the last two days of the election)….

… the bottom line is that Democrats keep choosing bad candidates. Biden has no virtues other than a sort of sleazy but OK Uncle vibe. He’s carrying all the baggage of being a shitty neoliberal all his life, who voted for every war in sight and fucked the poor and middle class every chance he got. He’s senile (though no worse than Trump) and he doesn’t have Trump’s stamina.

I don’t know if Trump is senile but the man is a fucking raving lunatic. I wouldn’t put him in charge of picking up dogshit from my backyard; he’d probably set the house on fire. With Biden you have a 50-50 chance he’d do it or maybe he’d get distracted and have a nap.

The Democrats should have run someone people could get excited about. Welsh names Sanders, whom (Welsh says) polled better than Trump, “and was able to pack arenas while maintaining a campaigning pace to equal Trump. Nor was he saddled with neoliberal baggage.” I don’t know if Sanders should have been the candidate, but it should have been someone Americans could get excited for.

Welsh again:

… this is the iron rule of oligarchy in motion. It is better for Democratic power-holders to lose with Biden than win with Sanders….

… Biden, like Clinton, ran on “Trump sucks.” Trump ran on a lot of fear of Democrats, a lot of paranoia, but he also ran with MAGA—”I”m going to make things great!” …

A big reason why the US isn’t great at the moment is because Trump and the GOP is in charge. The Democrats were complicit in a half-century of American ruin. But it’s Trump and the Republicans who fumbled COVID, who cost the US millions of jobs and plunged us into a depression. All the Republicans had to do was sit back, listen to the healthcare civil service, and they would have gotten credit for handling COVID. The economy would have continued going strong – for the rich and professional/managerial middle class at least – and the GOP could have sailed into a quarter-century of domination of US politics.

Instead, the GOP screwed things up. And the national Democratic Party proved too incompetent to close even that simple sale.

Welsh has more. Worth reading.