Socialism for billionaires, brutal capitalism for thee and me. And other things I saw on the Internet – Wednesday, 10/21/2020

Feds gouge states, subsidize corporations (Cory Doctorow/Pluralistic) – The feds are subsidizing failing corporations to help them get through Covid-19, but gouging states. These “zombie companies” are never going to recover and create jobs; the federal help is just going to line shareholder pockets. Whereas local and city governments are being put on austerity.

Struggling cities are forced to choose between high-interest loans and mass layoffs of teachers, firefighters, and other public sector employees.

Blame Trump? Sure, he’s President. But the man in charge of this policy is an Obama-Biden appointee, Kent Hiteshew.

Socialism for billionaires, brutal capitalism for thee and me.

Here’s How to Avoid Accidentally Showing Your Genitals to Your Colleagues on Zoom (Tom McKay/Gizmodo) – Tech tips for keeping the hog and entourage out of sight.

Cadillac’s latest Escalade is a murdermobile optimized for mowing down children and other pedestrians. (Cory Doctorow/Pluralistic)

We have a 2002 Subaru Forester. Still runs well, very comfortable to drive. Looks a bit rundown but I don’t care. I wish the iPhone connectivity was better, and that it had a backup screen, but overall we’re happy with it and hope to keep it for years more.

Not upgrading the car is not an austerity measure for us. The Forester is fine. It runs, it’s comfortable, the a/c and heat works, I can play my iPhone through the radio with a Bluetooth adapter. We’re good.

‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’: Why Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Kids Think She’s the ‘World’s Biggest Disappointment’ – Clickbait, but a sweet story.

Trustbusting is economic stimulus (Cory again) – The US has barely enforced antitrust for nearly 40 years, but we enforce it even less during a downtown, when “no one wants to put additional constraints on a business.” However, antitrust is more important during a downturn. “Antitrust enforcement isn’t an economic drag, it’s an economic STIMULUS.” Monopolists thrive by killing competitors – non-monopolists thrive by competing –– hiring people, innovating and making better products and services.

Falsehoods programmers believe about time (yup, this one’s from Cory too) – Computers force people into boxes, but people are lumpy and not box-shaped.

What’s in a frequent business traveler’s bag? (What’s In My Bag?) – A couple of ideas for when we get back on the road again.

Though I hope to travel less at my current job than I did at my previous job, I still expect significant travel.

Nabhan Islam, a medical science liaison, carries a portable speakerphone for conference calls. Interesting choice!

He carries a titanium cutlery set for take-out meals – something I will think about; I hate plastic cutlery, particularly the flimsy kind that comes with today’s meals.

And he carries a dingus to attach a smartphone to a car vent. I used to carry one of those but I have stopped renting cars – I use Lyft or Uber instead.

Me_irl from me_irl

Robin Williams and Rodney Dangerfield 1980 via

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