For the last month or so, it’s become apparent to me that about 97% of what we call “news” is actually endless cud-chewing of small tidbits of new information, along with a torrent stream of opinion, rumors, and guesswork.

The opinion, rumors, and guesswork is all labeled properly; I’m not complaining about fake news here. But, still, it’s just opinion, rumors, and guesswork.

I’m seeing this even more apparently this week, because I’ve got Apple News alerts switched on on my iPhone. I did this because I anticipate the President may keel over dead or get rushed back to the hospital and I want to know right away if that happens.

And now I’m seeing a steady stream of bullshit. Like, a few minutes ago I got an alert about an analysis piece about the fly landing on Mike Pence’s head.

A fly landed on a guy’s head. That’s news? It didn’t even happen just now – it happened YESTERDAY! Why am I getting an alert about this now?

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner