Has anybody in law enforcement been punished for the death of Breonna Taylor? Other than that one cop, who was not actually punished for her death but rather for, essentially, recklessly using his firearm and endangering Taylor’s neighbors.

When I posted earlier this week that Taylor was murdered, I got pushback from people saying, no, the cops who burst into her home did everything by the book. It was a tragedy – but not murder.

And there may be some truth for that. That the individual cops who went in did the right thing.

But still, an innocent person died and somebody has to pay for that. Somebody didn’t do their job and sent those cops into a situation where an innocent person was killed.

Somebody needs to be disgraced and punished. Not slapped on the wrist. Somebody made a blunder that killed somebody else, and they need to be responsible for their actions.

In America today, people in power do not suffer the consequences of their actions and blunders. You can start a 20-year war, crash the economy, fail to handle a pandemic, destroy a billion-dollar company and cost tens of thousands of people their livelihoods – and it’s all OK. The worst thing you suffer is a slap on the wrist. Often, if you’re powerful enough, you get a whole pile of money even after your monumental screwup.

In ancient Rome, a general who lost a battle due to spectacular blunder was expected to kill himself. That’s certainly wrong – but if somebody in power screws up and wrecks people’s lives, they should suffer for it, and suffer badly. They shouldn’t get a lucrative deal as a talking head on Fox News.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner