I had a sudden insight today: To a varying extent, we’re all dealing with both the end of the world and our mundane, pre-2020 lives.

There’s a global pandemic that may just be getting started. In California and elsewhere in the US we’re seeing global warming disasters NOW. Also here in the US, we’re facing riots that may soon boil over into outright, literal civil war – the kind of thing we’re used to only seeing in places like Beirut.

And yet we’re also, simultaneously, living our normal mundane lives of work, meetings, deadlines and paying credit card bills.

I was discussing this with a colleague this morning (part of an article I’m starting to gear up to write) and it suddenly occurred to me that Charles Stross’s “Atrocity Archives” series of novels is the perfect fiction for this time. It’s a horror-adventure-comedy series about a secret British spy agency that fights against supernatural monsters that are literally threatening to eat the world. And yet the heroes of this series ALSO have to deal with mundane workplace issues – meetings, catching up on email, making time for mandatory diversity training, etc.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner