Profile of note-taking service Roam Research, and its co-founder and CEO, Conor White-Sullivan:

Startup accelerator Y Combinator rejected [White-Sullivan] five times, he said, perhaps because he sent his application video from his van, where he was living to keep costs for Roam as low as possible. Seed investors had a similarly cool reaction. …

Chain-smoking and sipping Red Bulls, he kept pitching, collecting an unlikely group of investors that included Richard Meadows, a freelance journalist known for eating pizza for 222 days straight, the Centre for Effective Altruism, and Skype founding engineer Jaan Tallinn.

The photo absolutely looks like cult founders. Keep the Flavor-Ade away from these people.

A $200 Million Seed Valuation for Roam Shows Investor Frenzy for Note-Taking Apps — The Information

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner