Controversial Swedish epidemiologist Anders Tegnell is the mastermind behind Sweden’s staying open while other countries locked down. He says lockdown is “using a hammer to kill a fly.”

While Sweden’s death rate was much higher than its neighbors at first, Tegnell says current statistics are supporting Sweden’s strategy, and that will continue.

Tegnell says he is skeptical of quick fixes like lockdowns, masks and even a vaccine. He said this virus is here for the long term, and we need long-term sustainable solutions.

This aligns with some of what I’ve been listening to and reading elsewhere. This virus is going to be with us for a while; we need to be able to continue to live and enjoy life while it is. Adults need to work and go to bars and churches and see their relations and friends. Kids need to go to school.

US libertarians and conservatives look to Tegnell as an idol. They’re cherry-picking his ideas. Yes, he argues businesses should remain open and he even argues against wearing masks in public. But he also says nations need national health plans. Covid care needs to be part of a national healthcare plan. US libertarians and conservatives skip over that part.

Also, not mentioned in this article: If Sweden’s plan works, a big part of it will be because Swedes trust their government and Sweden’s government is trustworthy.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner