All the President’s Mendacity – Bob Woodward’s latest book demonstrates that Trump was lying all along about coronavirus. Woodward says Trump said in a March interview that Trump knew coronavirus was a major crisis, even while he was telling the American people it was no big deal.

Also, “Fox News ordered its employees to stay home while telling its viewers the virus was a hoax.”

Dave Pell: “This is a conspiracy to commit a crime against America.”

And Woodward was OK keeping this information to himself for six months.

The blood of 100,000 dead is on both their hands. That’s the differential we’d see if the US had the death rate of Canada, a country that managed COVID responsibly.

Also, “during the Nixon era, Woodward and Bernstein had to get the story from a secret source in an underground garage. During the Trump era, the president provided his own leaks. In the fullest actualization of his malignant narcissism, Donald Trump deep throated himself.”

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner