SetApp is a subscription service where you get access to dozens of Mac and – recently – iOS apps for one price, paid monthly – like Netflix for apps. I used it for a while but I quit a few weeks ago because I wasn’t getting enough value from it.

It just didn’t seem worthwhile financially for me. I do use three apps from that service daily, but I’d already paid for all but one of those. Most of the apps seem to be geared for designers and developers.

One of the apps provided by SetApp is Ulysses. Last week I returned to using that after not using it for a year or so. But I think it makes more sense for me to subscribe to that independently, rather than through SetApp.

I let my SetApp subscription expire a few weeks ago but, pleasant surprise, the apps continued to work. I figured they’d stop as soon as I rebooted and sure enough I needed to reboot late last week and the apps stopped working.

I was not looking forward to reconfiguring the independently purchased apps to work on my Mac once SetApp stopped working but – another pleasant surprise – it was easy. Turned out I had purchased Yoink from the App Store so I downloaded that and it just worked. I thought iStat Menus might take a few minutes to reconfigure but it seems the SetApp version and standalone version share a common configuration file. Once I reinstalled and started that app, it worked just the way I like it. Likewise, I bought Tooth Fairy from the App Store prior to joining SetApp, and it was easy to download and one or two clicks to reconfigure.

I like that about SetApp; it’s easy to quit. A service that’s easy to quit leave a pleasant memory, which makes it easy to come back to.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner