I downloaded Ulysses for the iPad and no kidding it was a HUGE help in breaking through on an article I’ve been stuck on for a month or more.

I was stuck because I had information overload, but with Ulysses I sped through my notes and started writing in “sheets” of just a couple of paragraphs each. I’ll sort out the order and run them all together later. Ulysses is designed for that.


I used to use Ulysses as my primary writing app. Why on Earth did I ever stop?

I have my research stored in DEVONThink and both it and Ulysses sync to the iPad. The iPad lives in the living room and that means I was able to sit here on the couch and work through my insomnia without rousing the dog, who sleeps in my home office.


Not that I expect either app to advertise “not rousing the dog” as a feature.

Mitch Wagner @MitchWagner